First Steps

Residential Property Visioning

When purchasing or deciding how to improve a residence, some people have a considerable ability to understand and identify critical issues relating to the home in question. Others find it important or necessary to seek professional input. Knowing the critical questions to ask in the initial stages of a renovation or new constructions is key to avoiding costly legal, logistical, regulatory, environmenta and design problems.

For more than 20 years, UK Architects’ P.C. has helped clients maximize the falue of their home by providing a holistic property analysis called Property Visioning. Through a focused site visit and preparation of a Constraints & Opportunities Analysis UK Architects offers a unique property evaluation tool.

Property Visioning allows a purchaser or owner to make informed decisions regarding local zoning and planning codes, potential construction costs and scheduling, maintenance and energy costs, all in an organized and coherent format. The goal of Property Visioning is to inform home owners of existing conditions and imagine innovative and achievable future possibilities.

    Constraints Analysis

  • Meeting at property to review relevant existing conditions (topography, infrastructure, orientation)
  • Zoning (research zoning requirements)
  • Planning Requirements (research planning requirements)
  • Existing Structure Review (not a complete building inspection)
  • Building, Life Safety and Accessibility issue identification
    Opportunities Analysis

  • Site Analysis – orientation, access, views, building location, exterior space possibilities
  • Sustainability recommendations
  • Energy Efficiency strategies
  • Opportunity Diagram & List
  • Copy of existing boundary and/or topographic survey
    Helpful Information You Can Provide

  • Copy of existing building drawings
  • Outline of your needs and goals

  • Residential Property Visioning $750
    1 hour meeting on site
    Constraint & Opportunities Analysis
    1 hour review meeting

Here is a pdf version of this information for your convenience: Residential Property Visioning PDF